Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Development of a Fundraising Strategy for Somali Child Rights Coalition (SCRC)


The Somali Child Rights Coalition is a network of national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Somalia that focuses on advocating for and protecting the rights of children. The coalition is comprised of various organizations working in the field of child rights and child protection.

The primary objective of the Somali Child Rights Coalition is to amplify the voices of children and promote their rights through collective action and advocacy. By uniting NGOs and civil society organizations (CSOs) working in the child rights sector, the coalition aims to strengthen their impact, increase coordination, and enhance collaboration in addressing the challenges faced by children in Somalia.

The coalition plays a crucial role in facilitating knowledge sharing, learning, and capacity building among its member organizations. It provides a platform for sharing best practices, experiences, and expertise in the field of child rights. Through joint initiatives and campaigns, the coalition strives to influence policies, legislation, and practices to ensure the protection, survival, development, and participation of children in Somalia.

The Somali Child Rights Coalition also engages in partnerships and collaborations with government agencies, international organizations, and other stakeholders involved in child rights and child protection. By fostering partnerships, the coalition aims to strengthen collective efforts and create a more enabling environment for the realization of children’s rights in Somalia.


Under the engagement of the BMZ project and with the overarching goal of establishing and supporting child rights networks, the Somalia Child Rights Coalition (SCRC) has planned a series of sub-activities to be carried out between September and December 2023. These activities are designed to strengthen the child rights landscape in Somalia and enhance collaboration among organizations working in this field.

One of these activities is to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy for SCRC to ensure the financial sustainability of SCRC and its child rights initiatives. The fundraising strategy will provide a roadmap for effectively mobilizing resources and diversifying funding sources to support the important work carried out by SCRC. This ToR outlines the scope of work, objectives, and deliverables for the development of the fundraising strategy.


The main objectives of the Fundraising Strategy development are as follows:

  • To assess the fundraising needs and priorities of SCRC.
  • To identify and prioritize potential fundraising sources and opportunities.
  • To develop a clear and actionable fundraising plan aligned with the goals and vision of SCRC.
  • To enhance the capacity of SCRC members in fundraising techniques and approaches.
  • To ensure a coordinated and collaborative approach to fundraising among SCRC members.

Scope of Work:

  • Fundraising Needs Assessment:
    • Conduct need assessments to identify their specific fundraising needs, challenges, and opportunities.
    • Analyze the financial sustainability and resource requirements of SCRC.
    • Identify key funding gaps and areas for improvement in its current fundraising practices.
  • Research and Potential Funding Sources:
    • Conduct research to identify potential fundraising sources, including international donors, grant-making organizations, foundations, corporate sponsors, and government agencies.
    • Compile a comprehensive list of potential funding opportunities relevant to child rights initiatives in Somalia.
    • Assess the eligibility criteria, application processes, and timelines for each funding source.
  • Fundraising Strategy Development:
    • Based on the fundraising needs assessment and research findings, develop a tailored fundraising strategy for the coalition.
    • Provide a step-by-step guide and recommendations for the SCRC to implement the fundraising strategy effectively.
    • Outline key fundraising goals, target sources, strategies, and timelines for SCRC.
    • Incorporate best practices for donor relationship management, proposal writing, and reporting requirements.
  • Capacity Building and Training:
    • Organize capacity-building workshops and training sessions for member organizations on fundraising techniques, donor engagement, and proposal development.
    • Provide training materials, resources, and tools to enhance their fundraising skills and knowledge.


  • Fundraising Needs Assessment Report for SCRC.
  • Comprehensive list of potential funding sources and opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy for the coalition.
  • Training materials and resources for capacity building workshops.


The development of the fundraising strategy and associated deliverables will be completed within twenty (20) days The specific timeline for each milestone and deliverable will be determined in contract.

Consultant Qualifications

Demonstrated track record of successfully advising CSOs in the development of effective fundraising strategies.

  • Proven experience in facilitating organizational development for non-profit organizations, including the development of fundraising strategies.
    • Familiarity with the context of child rights and child protection in Somalia.
    • Knowledge of SCRC’s mission, vision, and core objectives.
    • Experience in working with organizations that have a similar scope of work as SCRC.
    • Expertise in developing Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks, including results frameworks and associated indicators.
    • Program design and methodological experience relevant to SCRC’s work.
    • Proven ability to secure programmatic and core funding, with a strong understanding of donor relations, including private donors.
    • Excellent facilitation and writing skills.

Proposal Submission

Interested consultants or consulting firms should submit a proposal that includes the following:

  • Technical proposal outlining the consultants’ understanding of the task, proposed methodology, and work plan.
  • Financial proposal with a detailed budget breakdown.
  • CVs or profiles of the proposed consultants, highlighting their relevant experience and qualifications.
  • Samples of previous work related to fundraising raising development, if available.

Evaluation Criteria

The proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Consultant qualifications and relevant experience.
  • Methodology and work plan.
  • Budget feasibility.
  • Quality of previous work samples, if provided.

Submission Deadline

Proposals should be submitted no later than 30th  September 2023  to  info@crcsom.org , mustaf@crcsom.org , and copy to: omar@crcsom.org . Late submissions will not be considered.

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