SCRC advocacy meeting to adopt and implement specific recommendations of the CRC Committee’s concluding observations.

The SCRC conducted a two-day meeting to support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in advocating for the government to adopt and implement specific recommendations of the CRC Committee’s concluding observations. The meeting aimed to provide CSOs with guidance, resources, and strategies to effectively advocate for the rights of children.

During the meeting, representatives from CSOs were briefed on the CRC Committee’s concluding observations and the importance of their implementation in safeguarding children’s rights. The participants were encouraged to familiarize themselves with the specific recommendations and gather evidence to support their advocacy efforts.

Several sessions were conducted to facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building among the CSOs. Experts in the field of children’s rights provided insights on effective advocacy strategies, engagement with government officials, and raising public awareness. They emphasized the need for collaboration and coalition-building among CSOs to amplify their collective voice and increase their influence.

The meeting also featured interactive workshops where participants had the opportunity to develop their advocacy plans and strategies. They discussed target audiences, key messages, and identified specific recommendations from the CRC Committee that they intended to prioritize in their advocacy efforts.

Throughout the two days, participants engaged in discussions, shared best practices, and learned from each other’s experiences. They were encouraged to form partnerships and networks to strengthen their advocacy campaigns and maximize their impact.

The SCRC assured the CSOs of its commitment to supporting their advocacy initiatives. They pledged to provide ongoing assistance, monitor progress, and collaborate closely with the CSOs to ensure the government’s adoption and implementation of the CRC Committee’s recommendations.

The two-day meeting organized by the SCRC served as a platform for CSOs to enhance their advocacy skills, collaborate with like-minded organizations, and strategize their efforts to promote and protect the rights of children based on the CRC Committee’s concluding observations.

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