SCRC Conducted two days meeting on Strengthening and supporting CSO to engage, advocate and influence government and communities on issues affecting children in Somalia.

The Somali Child Right Coalition recently organized a highly productive two-day meeting focused on empowering and supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in their efforts to engage, advocate, and influence both the government and local communities regarding critical issues affecting children in Somalia. This initiative aimed to create a collaborative platform where stakeholders can work together to enhance child rights and well-being across the country.

The meeting brought together a diverse group of participants, including representatives from various CSOs, government officials, community leaders, child rights experts, and international organizations. The event served as an opportunity for these stakeholders to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices, ultimately fostering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by children in Somalia.

The primary focus was to provide CSOs with the necessary skills, resources, and capacity-building opportunities to effectively address child rights issues. Workshops and training sessions were conducted to enhance their organizational and advocacy capabilities, enabling them to better engage with the government and communities.

The meeting aimed to empower CSOs to advocate for policy changes and influence decision-making processes at both the local and national levels. Strategies for effective communication, lobbying, and engagement were discussed, ensuring that the voices of children were heard, and their rights were protected.

The meeting also recognized the importance of collaboration between CSOs, the government, and local communities; the meeting emphasized building strong relationships and partnerships. Participants explored ways to enhance coordination, cooperation, and information sharing, enabling a collective effort to address the challenges faced by children.

Throughout the two days, participants engaged in panel discussions, interactive sessions, and group activities designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking. The meeting also featured presentations from experts in child rights and related fields, who shared valuable insights and success stories from similar initiatives around the world.

 The meeting resulted in strengthened collaboration between CSOs, government agencies, and communities. Participants developed action plans for joint initiatives and identified areas where collective efforts could have the greatest impact on improving children’s lives in Somalia.

CSOs gained valuable knowledge and skills in advocacy, enabling them to effectively communicate their messages, lobby for policy changes, and influence decision-makers. This empowerment will enable CSOs to act as a powerful force for change in championing the rights of Somali children.

Through the meeting, a broader awareness of child rights issues was achieved among participants, including government officials, community leaders, and international organizations. This heightened understanding will contribute to a more informed and empathetic approach to child welfare and rights across various sectors.

Moving forward, the Somali Child Right Coalition and its partners are committed to translating the outcomes of this meeting into concrete actions. They will continue to support CSOs in their efforts to engage, advocate, and influence stakeholders at all levels, ultimately working towards a society where every child in Somalia can thrive, grow, and enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms.

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